Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Want to lose weight? Keep a track with a Body Fat Scale

Thinking about losing weight and improving your fitness? A body fat scale could be your ideal match to do the needful and help you in attaining that perfect look. 

How does Body Fat Scale Work
When you weigh your body on bodyfat scale, a low-intensity current passes through the body through the feet which are known by the name of bioelectrical impedance Analysis. Tissues which have a high percentage of water including muscle allow this current to pass.
The body fat percentage is calculated by the computer in the scale which requires the user to enter gender, age, fitness and height indicators.

Accuracy of Body Fat Scales
The accuracy levels of body fat scale will also occupy your mind whenever you intend to purchase one. However, you should keep in mind that even the best of body fat scale will give you results which vary 3 to 4 percent from accurate. The reading of the scale is impacted by a variety of reasons including body temperature, body type and the hydration level of the body.

Using the Body Fat Scale
Irrespective of the accuracy indicator of the body fat scale, if you use it on a regular basis, it will be a useful tool which can help you track your Weight Loss and Fitness. However, while using the body fat scale keep in mind that it should not be used on a carpet. It has always to be placed on wooden or tiled surface in a room which has ambient temperature conditions.
The body fat scale should also not be used immediately after dinner or 24 hours of drinking alcohol.

Features of Body fat Scale
User-Friendly Manual
A body fat scale should be user-friendly with simple to understand instructions and simple controls which are easy to operate. 

Easy to read
When you purchase a body fat scale, ensure that numbers on the scale are large enough to read and clearly indicated. The information displayed should also be easy to interpret. It should also remain visible for a longer duration so that you can easily understand the figures.

Multiple User Profile
Since other people in the family might also want to try the body fat scale you should ideally opt for one which has multiple user profiles and everyone in the family will be able to use it effortlessly.
The market has a large number of innovative Body Fat Scale instruments and Lenovo HS10 is one such body fat scale which will attract your attention not only due to its classy looks but also accuracy levels. Made of toughened glass, this rectangular shaped body fat indicator runs on alkaline dry battery and can bear weight varying from 8 Kg to 180 Kg. 

Its HD LED display ensures that you can read the indications irrespective of the lighting conditions. It can also work in diverse kind of environment and its seamless design between the glass and ABS base ensures that it is resistant to moisture and dust, thus giving it a long life.

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